Running Back’s available on Netgalley!

Hey y’all! RUNNING BACK is now available on Netgalley, which is all kinds of awesomesauce*. Basically, it means if you have a blog of the book variety, you should hop on over and request it for your TBR pile (the TOP of your pile, of course!)

Running Back Allison Parr

How to know if you should read RUNNING BACK: 

– You like smart girls and charming boys falling in love

– You like traveling vicariously to awesome places like Ireland and the City of Lights/Love (Seriously, can’t Paris just pick a name?)

– You think Indiana Jones is kinda amazing

– You’ve been so passionate about something its clouded your judgement (and landed you in a whole heap of trouble with the guy you’re crazy about)

– You suspect your family’s been keeping secrets

– And that you might know the location of an ancient lost city…

– Or, you know, if your just want to read about hot football players falling for awesome archaeology grad students

For lovers of football, Irish myths, old family secrets, redheads, blinding passions, mother-daughter relationships, and true love.

It’s for you.

I hope you like it!



(Oh, and if you want to join the RUNNING BACK blog tour, email me at!)


*True story about the word awesomesauce. When I was querying RUSH ME, I sent a test query over to one of my best friends who worked for a literary agent to see if she had any thoughts. Best Friend forwarded it along to HER boss, who thought it was a legit query, not me asking my BF for help. She responded that while she would be happy to read my manuscript, it was not entirely appropriate to begin my query “Dear Agent Awesomesauce.”


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