How to be a Proper Adult

Today I was feeling a bit like a disaster (I blame this on not taking a morning shower) and so when I came home, I wrote up a list called How to be a Proper Adult, which I expected to shame me into at least attempting to be responsible.

But you know what? There were only five (5!) items on the list. And, okay, #1 was make like five different kinds of doctor appointments, but still. I am not nearly as much as a hot mess as I thought I was!

The others were mostly about paying bills. Being a proper adult is boring.

But one thing on the list was update this website, because OH HEY, I have another book coming out! So I’m emerging out of the darkness of my writing cave, brushing off the debris, and saying: ta-da! A book!

CARINA_0414_9781426897757_ImaginaryLines (2)



This is Abraham’s book, which is the one you guys asked for – including my mom, who was like, “Why didn’t Rachael end up with Abe?” (This is probably because Abe is a nice Jewish boy. Ryan from Rush Me was not). Abe’s one of the best linebackers in the NFL, and a long time ago, Tamar was the girl next door. Now, she’s the newest reporter at one of New York’s premier sports blogs, and they’re about to see each other for the first time in four years…

Anyway, y’all can add it on Goodreads, which is pretty cool, or pre-order it on Amazon or Apple or Barnes and Noble or Carina Press, which is even cooler. And watch for more info here soon! Because I’m an adult, you guys. And that means blogs get updated.


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