Things That I Am Doing Today

1) Watching the rain.

Seriously, this is an exciting thing to do. Rain is kind of mesmerizing. Also I like the tippity-tappity on the rooftop. And drinking tea. Mm, tea.

2) Answering emails

I am bad at this. Fact.

3) Picking recipes for dessert

Chocolate cookies? Brownies? Chocolate cake? The choices are LIMITLESS. I mean, as long at there’s chocolate. Which isn’t a limit, it’s a lifestyle.


Things That I Was Supposed to Do Last Week and Didn’t


Rush Me Cover


1) Write a post about my book’s release

Oh, HEY. I wrote a book! And it got published! And I meant to blog about the release date! And I didn’t!

Why not?

toy story hiding

Well, I have this really weird affliction called shyness. I KNOW. It means I kind of want to hide under the covers whenever anyone talks about something I did. (Okay, fine, I’m actually an extrovert and I like talking about other people’s stuff. I am a pro at that. I considered being a therapist for approximately eighteen seconds, and then I realized I would inevitably end up stealing from clients lives and inserting them into stories, and then I would be sued, and really, who has that kind of time/money?)

But I’m not very good at talking about myself in public forums. Still, I did write a little about Rush Me elsewhere on these here interwebs:

Like in an interview with the very nice people at USA Today.

And in a blog post about being a fish-out-of-water over at my lovely publisher, Carina Press.

And another on the Harlequin blog: On Rush Me, “Girls” and being an unpaid intern in NYC.


And, you know, if you’re feeling super interested, you should go buy Rush Me, which happens to be cheaper than coffee at the moment. Amazon and Barnes and Noble have it on sale for $2.51. And it’s only 17c more at Carina Press (which, let’s be honest, is where y’all should really buy it from because then I get higher royalties. Is it awkward to admit that? Think of it as donating to a starving artist!) It’s also available at Kobo and Itunes.


To everyone who has been so supportive and positive about my release, thank you so much! You’re awesome!

dumbledore dancing

jennifer lawrence love




  3 comments for “Hey-I-wrote-a-book-kthanxbai

  1. April 20, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    I just found out about your book from reading the Harlequin blog, and awesome! I’m excited to see new adult taking off. Good luck with it, I’m putting it on my wishlist so I remember to read it.

  2. April 27, 2013 at 10:11 am

    Just finished “Rush Me” and loved it! I laughed out loud all through the book and I really liked the characters, especially their snarky comments, they felt real and that’s a change from lots of young adult novels. When is your next book comming out??????

  3. May 13, 2013 at 11:11 am

    So, way back when, I used to read a lot of stories on fictionpress…stumbled across “And Then I Met The President’s Son” and possibly fell in love with that story. Fast forward to today, I still scourge fictionpress for great stories. Now, at work, when there’s little to do, I read. Today, in particular though, I just finished the book I was reading and didn’t know where to turn to for a new story. So I thought of that one story I read a looong time ago by “Tessandra” and decided to see if she’d written anything new. SURPRISE! She’s published. Anyway, this long long little comment was just to tell you how great you started and to congratulate you on your journey! AND I’ve just downloaded “Rush Me” and I’m pretty thoroughly excited.

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