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GUYS. I have an announcement! I’m so excited!


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So I have been sitting on my cover for approximately FOREVER (I count in dog years) and I finally get to share it with you. This morning, my cover was revealed over at  RT Book Review, and now I’m sharing it here.

There’s a whole long process to designing covers, most of which has nothing to do with me. I pick the title (which was an adventure in and of itself) and I provide the synopsis and character descriptions, but mostly I just sit back and wait.

And then, one day months after I sent in my Cover Art Fact Sheet, I got an email. With an image.






Rush Me Cover


I am so, so happy with how this cover came out. New Adult wasn’t even a thing when Carina acquired my manuscript, so I wasn’t sure what direction they would take the cover in. Pastels? A guy in a football uniform?  I had no idea. So I held my breath while the image downloaded, and let out an incredibly relieved sigh and then did a happy dance when I loved it.

Covers are incredibly important. That whole don’t judge a book by it’s cover? GUESS WHAT. People do. There are Goodreads lists devoted to covers with the most beautiful ball gowns or models; Tumblrs devoted to wretched covers; websites devoted to themes on young adult covers.

Actually, that last one is really fascinating. You should check it out. And what IS with Madame Guillotine attacking covers these days? It’s kind of like how parents get written out of YA books. Though not in New Adult books. Oh, no. The parents are there in full force.

(You might be sitting there and being like, hey, Allison. I have no idea what New Adult covers usually look like. Don’t worry! The Goodreads New Adult Contemporary list has you covered.

Interesting, right? Lots of blues & blacks and blacks & whites. Makes me want to write up an anthropology paper on covers, but I won’t, because I have Book 2 due soon).

While a bad cover wouldn’t make me ignore a book, a good cover can make me pick it up and check out the back copy. Covers also work as fly by identifiers: readers can often tell the genre, targeted age, and sometimes even protagonist and place without ever picking the books up.

New Adult covers have a very definite feel to them: dark, sleek, edgy (like my life). Romantic, because they’re usually romance novels. And without much of a background, because people often see these covers for the first time while browsing online, and that means potential buyers only see a thumbnail image. At such a small size, it’s easy for the detail on a larger cover to get lost, or worse, to turn the cover into a muddled mess.

Rush Me Cover

But look how beauteous my thumbnail image is! The title pops, the couple is clear, and look how nice the colors are against that black and white. I’m very, very happy, and I hope you like it, too.

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