Things That I Am Doing Today 1) Watching the rain. Seriously, this is an exciting thing to do. Rain is kind of mesmerizing. Also I like the tippity-tappity on the rooftop. And drinking tea. Mm, tea. 2) Answering emails I am bad at this. Fact. 3) Picking recipes for dessert Chocolate cookies? Brownies? Chocolate cake? The choices are LIMITLESS. I… Read more →

Clementine Upside Down Cakes

    Congratulations! It’s spring time. I hear that somewhere in the world, that means sunshine and flowers, but where I live it means the crocuses are buried under an additional foot of snow, school is cancelled, and the roads are dangerous. But at least our snacks can be spring like, right?       I rarely make non-chocolate treats,… Read more →

And I’m Anna

Argh! I was hoping for Sybil! But let’s be honest. I really am Anna. I did thoroughly enjoy that one of the questions asked: But what about those of us who do write romance novels, Downton Abbey quiz creators? What then? Also, would Anna really be writing romance novels? Who is this answer weighed towards? If you also desperately need… Read more →