Allison Parr

Hello everyone! I’m Allison Parr, a twenty-something writer based out of Boston, though in my nomadic post-college days I lived in Paris and San Francisco and New York. In the end, though, I came back to the place I grew up.

I’m a chocolate and coffee and book lover. You’ll find plenty of recipes for delicious baked goods over on my blog, and I’m constantly looking for local restaurants with great menus and chefs with awesome recipes. You’ll find tons of food in my books, because it takes up a huge amount of my brain. Deciding what to eat for lunch is legit one of my favorite parts of the day.

I’m also the author of the New York Leopards series, books about super smart girls and the awesome guys they fall for. They’re about graduating from college in a crappy economy and moving to New York when you’re not really sure what you’re doing with your life, because that’s a reality me and my friends know all to well. (Hint: Rent is expensive. Your first few jobs will either be unpaid, or suck. Eventually it gets better). Of course, this reality also includes meeting football players, because sometimes that just has to happen. So there’s second-chances and Irish inheritances and opposites-attract. You can find out more here!




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