Month: January 2013

Cover Reveal

GUYS. I have an announcement! I’m so excited!     So I have been sitting on my cover for approximately FOREVER (I count in dog years) and I finally get to share it with you. This morning, my cover was revealed over at  RT Book Review, and now I’m sharing it here. There’s a whole long process to designing covers,… Read more →

Begin at the Beginning

  My sophomore year of college, I read a Mona Simpson short story while sorting carbonized hearth remains from a thousand years ago. My eyes needed a break from my archaeological lab work (maize carbon starts to look just like dirt after awhile). The story was assigned by my Fiction II professor, who I, in the manner of art students… Read more →

10 New Year Resolutions

1) Figure out this whole Twitter thing. Pretend I’m not the last social media inept 24 year old out there. Gifs too. Stop telling people about how gif was America’s Word of the Year while England had omnishambles. They already learned about it on their Twitter feed* 2) Read more book equivalents of leafy green vegetables 3) Perfect sixty-second explanation… Read more →