10 New Year Resolutions

1) Figure out this whole Twitter thing. Pretend I’m not the last social media inept 24 year old out there. Gifs too. Stop telling people about how gif was America’s Word of the Year while England had omnishambles. They already learned about it on their Twitter feed*

2) Read more book equivalents of leafy green vegetables

3) Perfect sixty-second explanation of New Adult/digital-first publishing, modified for friends, parents’ friends, and bus/airplane seat partners

4) Make these brioche au chocolat. Definitely make these.

5) And use my brand spankin’ new ice cream maker!

6) Also, it would be cool if I went to Ireland this year. For research.

Wait, this rapidly degenerated into a list of things I want, not resolutions to be a better human being

. . .

7) Stop losing buttons/socks

8) Finish Anna Karenina. Because it’s Good Literature. Not because I like reading things before I see the movie. Obvi. Also, finish War and Peace. Or at least get beyond page 200 for once.

9) Go to dentist?

10) Be on time for things!**


*Merriam-Webster went with Malarkey. Shall try to fit malarkey into all future manuscripts

**This is never ever going to happen


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